Improvement With P.R.O.F.I.T.

Improvement With P.R.O.F.I.T.

Melville Businesses closed in safety operation

Melville Businesses closed in safety operation

The joint operation on 5th Feb 2019, was in response to complaints by residents.

80 police members and 37 traffic wardens were part of the Operation conducted in Melville. Businesses where inspected for safety compliance and crime prevention.

Of the 11 businesses inspected, 7 were non-compliant and issued citations. Out of these seven, 4 were closed down for contravening fire safety regulations. These post serious safety risks to their patrons. Contraventions ranged from

-no emergency exits

-no signage on escape routes, to

-no fire extinguishers.

Businesses need to grow and flourish, but safety is not negotiable! And combating criminal activities should be obvious.

This operation was due to complaints by residents, ranging from criminal activities, by-law violation and ignoring traffic rules.
“When the residents in Melville told us what was happening, we took immediate action to deal with the problems.”

The contraventions need to be corrected, so the businesses can serve their customers legally and safely. This type of Operation will happen regularly in the area, and other role players will be included.

These include:

1) Gauteng Provincial Liquor Board

2) Environmental Health and the

3) South African Police Services
Businesses and residents must thrive together and respect each other’s rights. No contraventions will be left undealt with.

Operation Buya Mthetho will continue every week to ensure offenders adhere to the laws and by-laws.”