Improvement With P.R.O.F.I.T.

Improvement With P.R.O.F.I.T.


Kaizen SHEQ has recognised that many companies are working hard to comply to statutory and regulatory legislation by implementing Safety and Health programs or management standards.

One of these tasks is to appoint and train competent Incident Investigators to handle the legal requirement to investigate incidents that go beyond a First Aid Case injury to anyone at the workplace. In some countries this extends to investigating near miss incidents as well.

Training courses offer the theory behind investigating incidents but not the equipment that maybe required to actually conduct the investigation. Kaizen SHEQ has plugged this gap!


  • Customisable (within reason) to the nature and scope of your operations and sites
  • Includes standard forms for recording incident information
  • Includes tools to measure, sample and mark evidence at the scene
  • Includes a Kaizen SHEQ guidebook to back up the training
  • Includes a sturdy lockable aluminium carry case
  • Includes an emulsion film camera for tamper proof images
  • Includes basic Personal Protective Equipment for the investigator
  • Includes materials to conduct witness interviews
  • Includes materials to preserve the incident scene

While your Incident Investigator has been trained to perform the investigations, now they can be equipped to meet all the requirements of Government Labour regulations. The South African Occupational Safety and Health Act [OSH Act.] refers to a General Administrative Regulation [GAR] clause 9 in which it is the duty of the employer to investigate incidents in the workplace and to report these, if necessary, to the appropriate authorities.

The Act does not explain how this is to be done and what evidence needs to be gathered by the investigator nor what equipment is likely to be needed. Kaizen SHEQ has examined best practices from around the world and developed the Incident Investigation Kit after interviewing many safety professionals who agreed that putting a proper kit together proved to be a difficult task.

Using the international guidelines and personal experience in this regard, Kaizen SHEQ developed a standard kit for Incident Investigators to simply pick up on their way to an incident scene.

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