Just Do Something Safe

Just Do Something Safe

Safety Monday – a tiny excerpt from The Safety Rep’s Survival Guide, page 4 – 5

  • Make it a daily habit to look for opportunities to Just Do Something SafeTM. They don’t have to be big things. Choose things you can do by yourself, easily and quickly.
  • Pick up and put back something that’s lying around (basic housekeeping). Get your own workspace organised.
  • Make sure that there is a ‘place for everything and everything in it’s place’.

  • Avoid looking for faults only. Talk about the good things you see.
  • Help someone else to get their workspace cleaned up.
  • If a bin needs emptying or a hose needs rolling up, do it – for safety’s sake – and do it as often as it needs to be done.
  •  Always look for things that can go wrong and that could be improved.

REMEMBER – take safety home with you

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