Keep Fire Escapes Clear

Fire Escapes

We recently visited a venue where we were told that fire escapes were deliberately blocked to prevent break-in and theft.

Question: how would you feel knowing someone died in a fire on your premises because they couldn’t get out, and you had been responsible for the escape being blocked. The feeling is bad enough, except you’ll also be pondering it in prison.

What value of stock theft is worth finding yourself in this position?

#SHEQforCEOs #ceos

Auditor Students

Are you an IRCA / Exemplar Global/ SAATCA Lead Auditor student needing to get more auditing hours to finish your qualification?

We take students to various audits sites to help them accumulate the hours needed to comply with IRCA/SAATCA/Exemplar Global requirements.  Audit sites are arranged in 2-day sessions and expert supervision is provided as an extension of the original lead auditor training course.

Reasonably priced.


Needing certification renewal?

Are you an ISO / OSHAS certified company needing to be renewed (due every 3 years) – let us bring our students to your site to help verify that you’ll pass, before you incur the cost of bringing the ISO Certification Auditors to your site.

Only cost to you: feed the students