Anyone listening?

Anyone listening?

If you work in the SHEQ space you possibly feel like you’re running an adult day-care. Everytime I’ve asked that question of our students and auditors they all nod in agreement.

You might even feel like your message is falling on deaf ears… but keep putting out your message none-the-less; I’ll tell you why:

While running training in the Middle East last month I was catching up with my wife online. She was annoyed – and the reason was this – she was watching TV. She’s always enjoyed watching “whodunits”, like Sherlock Holmes, Agatha Christie, CSI, NCIS… you get the picture. However, this particular episode got her so annoyed she ‘almost’ stopped watching… for 1 reason…

“The characters in the program entered a condemned building, known to contain asbestos (so there would have been signs on the outside stating such). Not ONE of the characters was wearing a mask, let alone any appropriate PPE” The next evening, in the same program when the characters went to arrest the suspect on a construction site, everyone (including the forensic team) EXCEPT the arresting police was wearing a hard hat.

My wife is not the SHEQ specialist in our home, I am. Apparently sharing stories, mishaps and case studies has made an impression on her.

So keep putting out your message. People may not acknowledge your input as they may not realise that it’s having an impact on them… just keep putting out your message.