KAIZEN SHEQ offers three main service categories:

  • CONSULTING – working with you to decide on the best business improvement strategy for compliance and results.
  • IMPLEMENTING – actually designing and installing business management systems which are built around your business and not based on generic patterns or templates. This includes training, evaluations and assessments to fine tune [or “Fix”] the system.
  • AUDITING – to test the management system and to improve it there are a number of audit methods we use:
  1. GAP Audits – to find out whether you are complying to standards and legal requirements,
  2. INTERNAL Audits – to assess existing system effectiveness and make improvements,
  3. SECOND Party Audits – to assess management systems of your suppliers or customers,
  4. EXTERNAL Audits – usually for Certification to a system standard. Kaizen SHEQ is not yet accredited to offer these audits but we are working towards adding that service to our current capabilities.